Terms & Conditions

  1. Every started session will be deducted from the package, even in the event of sudden change/circumstances that requires the class to finish earlier (Reasons such as: weather, illness, trouble in the class, injuries…)
  1. In cases of WEATHER CANCELLATION the scheduled class (which has not started) will not be deducted from the package.
  1. A minimum notice of 24 hours advanced notice is required for the cancellation of a session weekly scheduled session anything less than this duration will result in the session being utilized, and will be deducted from the package. (Not Applicable for group sessions: running, track & field, aquagym, bootcamp)
  1. If the student is late for the beginning of the session, the session will still end at the same timing as previously specified/agreed upon in the scheduled appointment.
  1. If only one student assists at the training group, in case of a group package, this student will be charge for a double session as a private lesson.
  1. A4 SPORTS require Full payment to be made in advance for each package (10 sessions minimum). Each term of the package is capped at a maximum of 13 weeks for utilization of the training sessions after which the term expires, starting from the date of the first session and expiring on the specific date indicated above.Consideration for extension of the duration for the package could be given due to absence from the training for a period of more than 3 weeks. Prior notice has to be given at least 1 week in advance to A4 SPORTS in writing.
  1. The company “A4 SPORTS PTE LTD” its agents and the trainer in session will not hold any responsibility whatsoever in anyway or form of any injuries, damage or any death(s) while attending this/these courses(s)/ session.
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